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Sinitta is an official turbocharger distributor of world’s largest manufacturers like: – Garrett Advancing Motion (Garrett), Cummins Turbo Technologies (Holset) и BorgWarner Turbo System (Schwitzer, KKK).

We offer turbochargers for sports cars, cars, trucks construction and agricultural machinery, boats, as well as for special purpose engines. We also offer genuine cores for turbochargers, factory repair kits and a full range of genuine spare parts for turbochargers.

Success in this area is facilitated by its highly qualified specialists who are well aware of the technology of production, operation, maintenance and repair of turbo units, as well as the close business ties of the company’s management with the aforementioned largest global manufacturers of turbochargers. This allows us to maintain a wide range of new turbochargers and set them at the most affordable price, especially for wholesale. Almost all customer requests are satisfied on the day they are submitted.

According to the available catalogs, company's specialists will help you quickly select the right turbocharger or repair kit for it for any particular make and model of the vehicle.

Detailed information about the turbochargers is contained in the relevant sections of our website. It contains all the necessary data for all types of turbochargers we offer.

If you are interested in our products, or you have questions for which answers were not found on our website, or you find it difficult to choose a specific turbo, or if you would like to clarify the price and availability of required turbocharger, call our office and we will give you professional advice.

Sintta continues to develop its dealer network for Garrett, Holset and BorgWarner (Schwitzer, KKK) turbochargers and invites service centers and car dealers to cooperate. For wholesalers we have special conditions for both prices and payment. You can send us your offers using the information in the "Contacts" section.